Residence permits for Dubai, known locally as Residents Visa Dubai, allow legal stay in the United Arab Emirates. To qualify, individuals should plan to stay in Dubai for at least 6 months for reasons like studying, working or family matters. Residency in Dubai permits are usually valid for up to 3 years and are renewable. Applications can be made through the relevant consulate of the United Arab Emirates, typically in your current country of residence. 

At SIGTAX, we have extensive expertise in advising and assisting foreign citizens with obtaining a residence permit for Dubai. Our Residents Visa Dubai team can:

  • Advise on the application procedure

  • Prepare the required application documents

  • Monitor the progress of the application

  • Advise on acquiring a property in Dubai

  • Answer possible queries that may arise

  • Submit on behalf of the interested person the application to the Dubai authorities


SIGTAX Middle East assists clients in processing and obtaining residency in Dubai when setting up the following business types in the Emirates: 

  • Free Zone Company Dubai

  • Mainland Company Dubai

  • Offshore Company Dubai


Our commitment at SIGTAX goes beyond mere consultation – we take pride in being your dedicated partners in the journey toward acquiring a residence permit in Dubai. Our team's comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of the application process is not only seamlessly navigated but also optimized for success. From meticulously preparing the essential application documents to offering strategic guidance on property investment in Dubai, we are your trusted advisors throughout the entire process. Moreover, our proactive monitoring of application progress and the capability to respond to any inquiries that might emerge ensure that you're well-informed and at ease throughout the journey.

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